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Enable Your Grab N Go Lifestyle

We know staying healthy today is much more difficult than it was for our parents and grandparents. We now have to navigate the abundance of antibiotics, hormones, chemical pesticides and GMO feed used in the Factory Farming operations of our animals. Add to that the insidious chemicals sprayed on fruits and vegetables and the addition of sugars added to everything imaginable. Couple that with behavioral changes in the way we feed ourselves. We have become a grazing society. It has become the norm to nosh on snacks all day long….We were told that this fuels our metabolism and assists with weight management….That my friends really does not hold much truth for most of us in this day and age.

Believe me, I know, it seems far too complicated to sort through much of the fake foods that fill our grocery stores today to find snack foods worthy of consuming……So you ask, what can we do? Firstly as I’m sure you have heard before. Start playing Columbo with your snack food choices. It’s time to turn the package, bottle or jar around and read the ingredients. Remember the front of the package labels are used for marketing purposes by food manufactures. If the front of the package reads “all natural”…or organic, most of us will simply toss it into the cart, thinking we’ve made a good choice. Exactly what the big boys are banking on.

No better time than now to become selective with your food choices. Food dyes, chemicals, sugars and unstable oils (canola, soy, sunflower, safflower, corn) do not nourish your body. We now have an abundance of research tying these same ingredients to many of the chronic diseases we are exhibiting today. These ingredients when consumed over time will have destructive effects on our body and especially on the body’s of our growing children.

It’s true our busy lifestyles make it more difficult to eat healthy today. I find it helpful to keep foods that are actually nourishing on hand for those Grab and Go times. Here are some favorites in my kitchen.

  • hard boiled eggs

  • olives

  • tuna or salmon salad

  • dill pickles

  • egg salad

  • beef jerky (no added sugar)

  • grain free granola bars

  • nuts (pecans, macadamia, walnuts, brazil nuts, almonds)

  • nut butters

  • seeds (sunflower, pumpkin)

  • coconut butter

  • cheese, sliced meats

  • guacamole or hummus & pre cut raw vegetables

  • beef jerky (no added sugar)

  • grain free granola bars (see recipe)

  • Ranch Dressing (homemade or bottled organic)

  • Berries & plain greek yogurt w/ toasted almonds

  • Dark chocolate 85%

  • figs

If chips find their way into your kitchen occasionally, choose those cooked in coconut oil & sea salt.

Sometimes the Smallest Step in the Right Direction can be the Biggest Step in your life…

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