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About Malia



Digestive wellness

Food intolerance & Sugar Cravings

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Nutrition & Wellness

Elimination diets

Weight Management

Insulin Resistance

My Story


I’m Malia, wife, mother to two beautiful daughters and a grandmother blessed with eight amazing little humans.  My passion for wellness runs deep. As does my ability to empower and inspire others to take control of their health.


My personality has always been one to question the norm especially as it pertains to the topic of aging and maintaining good health. I have been a student of nutrition for the past 40 years and have acquired several Health certifications along the way.  Like many Health Coaching Professionals, the real passion for health typically begins when you find yourself facing your own health awakening. Mine led me to a fork in the road and the final blow was a routine lab panel that revealed an auto-immune thyroid condition, along with metabolic syndrome, hypertension, insulin resistance and finally a diagnosis of pre-diabetes.  I could deal with the extra weight I was carrying around but a future of chronic disease was another story.  Do I traverse down the standard path and become yet another baby boomer managing my daily doses of prescription medicines to simply control my symptoms, along with the accompanying side effects?…. Or is there another way?….  It was at this point that I began digging deeper into the science and embarked upon my own health transformation, determined to find a way out of this mess I found myself in. I was on a quest of very late nights delving into current research journals, studies and information that would begin to change my health and my life…


After recapturing my own health, I realized it was time to take my knowledge and reach out to help others who wish to make lifestyle changes and don’t know where to begin. We know there is an abundance of information on health, perhaps too much.  Leaving many confused and frustrated. As well, there is a shortage of qualified people to walk with those who are wanting to take better control of their health. My hope is that I can help guide you along the pathway to a healthier and happier version of yourself.  Together we will design a personal winning formula for your success.

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